Store Information

Kyoto Taishogun Shopping Street Store Information

Taishogun Shopping Street “Food & Gourmet”

Store Name Services Phone Number
Restaurant Inoue Japanese style meal set, lunch and dinner 075-461-7019
Yamada Deep-Fry Shop Croquette and 50 other kinds of deep-fried foods 075-461-6665
Kyo-tsukemono Kitano Japanese Pickles
Kyoto-style pickled vegetables
Nakamura Rice cake shop Confectionery, rice cake, red rice 075-461-3995
Takeuchi fresh fish shop Fresh live fish 075-462-4323
homemade bread shop Meister Handmade freshly baked breads 075-461-1998
fruit and vegetables Sakurai-ya Seasonal vegetables and fruits 075-462-4308
Kakitou confection shop Cake, Okaki, rice crackers, etc 075-461-8633
Nishiki-kagetudo tea shop Uji green tea, Tea ceremony utensils 075-461-1554

Taishogun Shopping Street “Wear & Fashion”

Store Name Services Phone Number
Yoshida Kimono shop Kimono, obi, kimono accessories 075-461-3220
L-ROOM Ami Coats & Jackets, women’s clothing 075-461-3410
Toraya uniform shop School uniforms, Company uniforms, etc. 075-461-5887
Kimono & Clothing shop Fujiwara Kimono, kimono accessories, clothing 075-461-0966
Earl clothing store Women’s clothing, men’s clothing 075-463-7723
BELLE VIE MOI Women’s clothing, imported goods 075-462-6602

Taishogun Shopping Street “goods & daily necessities”

Store Name Services Phone Number
Katobun futon shop General bedding suppplies ・ Pajamas 075-461-0063
Nakanishi pharmacy Medicine ・ Daily necessities 075-461-4436
Family shop Ishikawa General daily goods ・ Cosmetics ・ Spare key maker 075-462-1105
Yasugi Stationery Center Stationery, Office supplies, calligraphy classroom 075-461-3663

Taishogun Shopping Street “Hobbies & Leisure”

Store Name Services Phone Number
Sakurai flower shop Potted plants ・ Bouquets ・ Flower arrangements 075-461-0690
Wonder shop Hachimanya Yokai towel ・ General goods ・ Accessories
Kyoto Gyoen Breeding supplies and equipments ・ Goldfish ・ Carp ・ Tropical fish 075-462-4406
NORU Kyoto Cycling wear, Cafe 080-1432-2141
YOKAI SOHO Event Space・Short-term rentable space 075-748-0626